Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thrashers: ‘Sense of urgency' to keep Thrashers from moving

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the Thrashers are saying they urgently need more investors to keep the team in Atlanta. Here's an excerpt and the article is here:
Atlanta Spirit co-owner Michael Gearon said there is now a “sense of urgency” to find additional investors or a buyer willing to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta. If the ownership group does not get additional financial help in the near future the franchise could be sold and moved to another city.

“If we are faced with that as the only alternative, that’s what’s going to happen,” Gearon told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an exclusive interview Tuesday. “I don’t think there is an ability to stomach another $20 million in losses. We just can’t do it.

“The reality is we need fans showing up and we need investors, or a primary investor.”
Canada anyone.

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