Monday, February 14, 2011

Letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell From Lawyer For Aggrieved Super Bowl Fans

Here's a letter from attorney Michael Avenatti to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell requesting a time to sit down and settle the Super Bowl seating class action lawsuit. This letter was issued on February 12 and was published online here.

Dear Mr. Goodell:

As you know, last week my law firm filed a Class Action lawsuit on behalf of the numerous fans displaced, delayed and obstructed at Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. By way of that filing, we began to represent the over 2,000 fans, including fans from Pittsburgh and Green Bay, affected by what can be best described as a seating debacle.

We filed the case in an effort to protect the rights of the fans, including the right to receive fair and reasonable compensation and the right to have adequate legal representation when deciding whether to accept or reject any settlement offer. As I am sure you will agree, there is nothing improper about a fan or the league consulting a lawyer for advice or representation under the circumstances nor is there anything wrong with fans taking steps to protect their rights. In this regard, we proceeded in the same way as the NFL, which undoubtedly consulted lawyers for advice shortly after the game ended last Sunday as well as in connection with the league’s present labor dispute.

Since the filing of our case, we have been contacted by literally hundreds of affected fans wishing to formally retain our firm. Those contacts are expected to continue in the coming days.

This past Wednesday and continuing through yesterday, I began publically inviting you and Mr. Jones to meet with us so that we may amicably resolve this dispute short of full-blown litigation. As I have stated publicly, the fans are incredibly reasonable – they merely want just compensation, starting with full reimbursement of all ticket costs and travel expenses. To date, our efforts aimed at an early, amicable resolution have unfortunately been ignored.

I once again ask that you contact me as soon as possible so that we may resolve this matter quickly and reasonably for the short and long term benefit of the fans of the NFL. In an effort to accommodate your schedule, I will make myself available at any time, on any day – we simply need to get this resolved.

I eagerly await your call.

Very Truly Yours,

Michael J. Avenatti, Esq.

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