Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Radio Clip: Super Bow Seating Lawsuit & Quick Hit On NFL Labor

Listen to my radio clip on the Team 1200 with Steve Lloyd and Jason York. We cover the Cowboys class action lawsuit, and then I cover by way of a quick hit the NFL labor situation. Specifically, I note that the NFL may not lock out the players if they can't come to an agreement. Rather, the NFL may declare an impasse and impose the most recently proposed terms of settlement on the players. Thereafter, the players would have the option of striking or playing. Going on strike may attract negative attention and make the players targets. So that may not happen. The alternative is to play, but also decertify the union and have the players sue the NFL for anti-trust (or competition) violations. Right now the NFL is insulated from anti-trust lawsuits because these violations are in the CBA (labor law trumps anti-trust law). However, once the union decertifies, the NFL is no longer protected and the players can then sue.

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