Thursday, February 10, 2011

NFL Speaks About Seating Issue

Today NFL executive V.P. of business ventures and Chief Financial Officer Eric Grubman spoke with ProFootballTalk. A transcript of the interview is here.

Grubman was quite candid and honest, and expressed repeatedly how the NFL felt it let down some of its fans. The NFL has accepted responsibility, which is nice to see.

As for the lawsuit, he appreciates that people will exercise their rights. At the same time, he wishes that people would maintain perspective: "people who were filing the lawsuits and the lawyers who are getting so focused on this, I wish they would work on something like world peace because I think we need to keep this in perspective".

Maybe not entirely the right thing to say. Staying on message may be best - we are sorry and will work to fix this.

Under Texas law, there is a reasonable argument that the fans are entitled to all expenses incurred in connection with their trip to Arlington, Texas. On top of that, it can be tough to get compensated for things like loss of enjoyment. Still, it wouldn't hurt to toss in something (couple of Super Bowl tickets) for their frustration and disappointment.

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