Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snyder Lawsuit: Washington City Paper Launches Legal Defense Fund

In response to Redskin owner Dan Snyder's libel lawsuit, the Washington City Paper has launched a legal defence fund.

Here's an excerpt from City Paper's article:
This is getting fun.
Since news broke that Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder planned to file a lawsuit over Washington City Paper's "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," we've been overwhelmed by the support we've received.

...Today, we're announcing the Washington City Paper Legal Defense Fund: Your chance to stand against Snyder's lawsuit, and with City Paper. This isn't really about the money. (Though the money definitely helps—this case will be expensive, even though we’re well-prepared to fight it.) Whatever we raise will be used to pay our legal costs, and whatever we don't spend fighting Snyder's lawsuit, we'll give to a local charity in the spirit of this fund. This is about showing Snyder you support our right—and anyone's right—to write the truth about him, or any powerful public figure, even if it's not flattering.

Please don't send us money you can't afford to spare; we know what the economy is like, and we value your moral support just as much as your financial support. City Paper is not a non-profit organization, which means contributions to our legal defense fund are not charitable donations and are not tax-exempt for federal, state, or D.C. income tax purposes.

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Aaron Gordon said...

I live in the DC area, and this whole affair has been amazing to witness. Redskins fans have been waiting for years for a way to lash out in a way that would hurt the Snyders, and this is finally it. Many of my good friends are Redskins fans and have already donated.