Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TSN Article: Sterling Loses Lawsuit

A Court is allowing the sale of the Clippers by Rochelle "Shelley" Sterling.

Here's a link to my TSN article outlining what all this means.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Edmonton Listeners Fill In the Blanks

Listeners of TSN 1260 have always been pretty engaged in the smash hit morning show hosted by Dustin Nielson and Will Fraser. Some of the best listeners around.

Dustin likes to play a game with the listeners where he poses this question: 

"TSN 1260 Legal Analyst and __________ Eric Macramalla FILL IN THE BLANK FOLKS."

Last week, there were so many great responses. Here are the top 5 Twitter replies:

5) Eric Macramalla TSN1260 Legal Analyst and famed Jeterologist

4) Eric Macramalla TSN1260 Legal Analyst and professional twinky tester.

3) Eric Macramalla TSN1260 Legal Analyst and newest Preds centre

2) Eric Macramalla TSN1260 Legal Analyst and Mario Van Peebles stunt double

1) Eric Macramalla TSN1260 Legal Analyst and "My Buddy" doll creator

Here's a sample of some of the text messages sent in:

Tsn 1260 legal analyst and full time young and the restless blogger 
TSN legal analyst & sexy librarian, Eric Macramalla   

TSN legal analyst & professional male model, Eric Macramalla
Tsn legal analyst and child star of 1960's Bulgarian soap operas Eric Macromella 
Legal analyst and collector of celebrity hair clippings. 
TSN 1260 Legal Analyst and next host of the hit TV show Survivor
TSN legal analyst & creepy ex-boyfriend, Eric Macramalla 
Tsn 1260 legal analyst and creator of "is that hair gel?" hair products.
TSN legal analyst and adult diaper fashion model.         

TSN legal analyst and traveling hair growth tonic salesman Eric Macramella

Eric Macramalla TSN legal analyst and falafel connoisseur. 

Tsn 1260 Legal Analyst and Co-Star of the Super Terrific Happy Hour with Jerry Seinfeld
Legal analyst and "Chris Tucker Impersonator"

Legal analyst and guy in front of you at the grocery store till who has to go back for 1 more item. 

Eric Macramalla - TSN1260 Legal Analyst and Bea Arthur body double. 

Tsn legal analyst and assistant to the general manager of the Yankees