Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New NFL Offer To Aggrieved Fans; Interview With One Such Fan

The NFL has modified its offer to 400 fans who were turned away from their seats and made to watch the game on monitors or in standing room only corners of the stadium. The NFL initially offered fans 3 times the face value of tickets plus tickets to next year's Super Bowl in Indy. Now the NFL is offering tickets to any Super Bowl plus hotel and airfare.

Yesterday on Sports Ticket on the Team 1200, AJ and I interviewed Ron Soncini, one of the 400 aggrieved fans. He indicated that contrary to reports he was not given free food, beverages or merchandise and there was no concrete offer from the NFL as far as restitution. He was clearly very frustrated, having travelled from Reno for the game. Oh yes - he's a Steeler season ticket holder.

From a legal standpoint, this situation opens itself up to a class action lawsuit. Fans relied on the fact that they would have seats, and made plans in connection with that reliance.

Should be interesting to see where this goes.

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