Friday, February 11, 2011

NY Times: It Takes A Law Degree To Be A Sports Fan

Good article by George Vecsey of the NY Times where he says you need a law degree to be a sports fan. I would also add you need an MBA and a PhD in psychology.

Here's an excerpt:
It takes a degree in jurisprudence to be a sports fan these days, particularly in the United States, which has a backlog of legal cases involving champions named Bonds and Clemens and Armstrong.

Decades of culpability hang over the impending Super Bowl. The National Football League has been forced — by sheer empirical evidence that its money and power cannot obscure — to confront the brain damage and rapid deterioration from the essential act of that sport: one brute slamming into another. The N.F.L. did not want to know.

In New York, Mets fans are facing the reality that their formerly cute little franchise has been playing under the creepy shadow of Bernard L. Madoff. More recently, ownership has been distracted, not by the loss of a few million here and a few million there, but by a trustee’s lawsuit to recoup funds for some less fortunate Madoff clients, perhaps for as much as $1 billion. Real money, as the saying goes.

The meat defense is just the latest variation on the theme offered by athletes who flunk the Dixie cup test: It’s all a big mistake, Officer. I can explain.

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