Friday, February 4, 2011

Stevenson Writes About Brendan Burke's Legacy; Alfie, Avery Weigh In

If you have time, read Chris Stevenson's article Burke's legacy opens door to gay players. The article addresses tolerance and whether the NHL is open for an openly gay teammate. Here's a brief excerpt with comments from Daniel Alfredsson and Sean Avery: 
The players are saying the right things.

"I just believe that it is a person's right to be what they are," Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson said. "If they are gay, it would probably be really hard to have to hide it all the time. There will always be people opposed to it, I suppose. But I have a feeling that overall, it would be accepted.

"Obviously, there is a lot of stigma involved in it. Once you cross that hurdle, if someone does come out, you learn how to deal with it. You find a way. If someone is uncomfortable with it, you work around it.

"I wouldn't personally have an issue or feel anything toward someone who is gay."

New York Rangers forward Sean Avery said he recognizes how difficult it would be for the first publicly gay NHL player.

"I think it would certainly be a tough thing for somebody to do," he told QMI Agency, "but I would be open to having a gay teammate, I really would.

"It's really nothing at this point, it's not anything. It's nobody's business, really."

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