Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl Tickets: Two Websites Collecting Names For Class Action Suit

There are two websites that are already up and running collecting names for the class action lawsuits that have been filed. The websites are at and The sites may be working together.

Three quotes from aggrieved fans appear at

"I was one of the fans displaced [without seats]. I was on leave but have returned to Iraq. I have served three tours in Kuwait and Iraq, and have been involved in conflict. I take pride in what I do to protect this country and my family. We put our lives on the line every day, and when I finally get a break to see the one thing that excites me, it gets taken away. The one joy I had this year, gone just like that. I spent a fortune . . . its unreal."
"I had a heart-wrenching decision to decide which of my three sons to take to the game. After major financial cost to get to there, we went through 5 hours of hell trying to get in, and told once we were that there were no seats. (Had to take my) boy to watch the game in a bar on a TV with a 10 second sound delay. Thanks Jerry and NFL. And to find out you knew about this a week before that is unconscionable."
-Mark H.
"I took my 80 year old father to the game as he won tickets through the Green Bay lottery. He had waited 29 years on the season ticket waiting list and he received them in 2001. Taking him to the Super Bowl was going to be the trip of a lifetime. We were one of the 400 to be relocated to the 'hospitality suite'. All we got to see were the Steeler backsides."
-Steve N.

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