Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NFLPA & NFL Joint Press Release

Here's the release:

"Discussions between NFL owners and players under the auspices of Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan took place again this week and will continue. At the request of Judge Boylan, both sides have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of the substance of the talks."

So not much there.

More, though, can be found at, where the NFL issued its own report today. Here's a key piece of it:
...the NFL and NFL Players Association are evaluating and strongly considering concessions on all fronts, and that has led to a belief that a deal could be done in two to four weeks. The return of the legal teams for both parties, after sitting out the sessions in suburban Chicago and Long Island, N.Y., the past two weeks, is seen as a sign of progress.
I've said a few time you can be optimistic, but sprinkle it with caution. I'm not the only one:
"Much can still go wrong -- every negotiating session is unique to itself," said Don Yee, who represents Tom Brady and is an adjunct law professor at USC. "Just because one day was good doesn't mean the next day will be, too."
Getting an agreement hammered out makes sense for both sides after one Appeals Judge warned neither side may like the Court's ruling. If the sides are close to getting an agreement, expect the Appeals Court to delay issuing its Decision.

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