Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fired Clippers GM/Coach Dunleavy Gets $13 Million Arbitration Award; Sounds Like Appeal Being Considered

An arbitrator has awarded former L.A. Clippers general manager and coach Mike Dunleavy $13,517,000.00 in compensation.

The Clippers dismissed Dunleavy in 2010, who was in the fourth year of a five year $22-million deal, and stopped paying him. Dunleavy then exercised his option to take the Clippers to arbitration with a view to recovering what he believed he was owed.

Clippers General Counsel Robert Platt issued the following statement: "We do not agree with the arbitrator's decision. We intend to review the decision carefully and explore the team's various options."

That probably means that the Clippers are considering whether they have sufficient grounds to appeal the decision.

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