Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking News: Jason Bailey Dismisses Anti-Semitism Suit Against Ducks; Continues Against Balance of Defendants

In keeping with Plaintiff Jason Bailey's request, the Court has dismissed the Action against the Anaheim Ducks. Bailey, however, is continuing with his lawsuit against the balance of the defendants, coaches Martin Raymond and Mark Pederson, as well as Flying Pucks LLC.

Bailey moved to have the Action dismissed against the Anaheim Ducks on May 3, 2011.

The focus of the action is that Bailey was subjected to harassment and anti-Semitic remarks by the Condors coaches. The lawsuit contends that Bailey was the victim of religious discrimination, harassment based on religion, intentional infliction of emotional distress and retaliation. Bailey claims he lost income and suffered humiliation. Bailey is suing for unspecified monetary damages.

When the lawsuit was filed, Flying Pucks was not a defendant - it was the Bakersfield Condors hockey team. It seems this defendant was updated to reflect the owner of the team. This is not unusual.

On why he dismissed against the Ducks, ultimately, it may have been that Bailey did not feel he could establish a reasonably sufficient link between the Ducks and the complained of events. According to the Complaint (lawsuit filed by Bailey), the Ducks made the coaches apologize. That may have been a consideration in making this decision. So this may turn on the Ducks' insufficient proximity to the alleged events.

Here is the official Court document dismissing the Action against the Ducks:

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