Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NFL Lockout Update

There have been reports that a deal in the NFL CBA matter could be "days away".

There is certainly cause for optimism. However, if you are expecting to give your dad the new CBA for Father's Day, don't get your hopes up. The CBA negotiation is a complex one and there are lots of details to iron out before both sides say that have an agreement - even one in principle.

As I've said before, I see a deal getting done by mid/late July. Perhaps earlier now given reports that the sides are getting along. However, things could go south in a hurry too.

Fundamentally, my belief is that we would see a deal because this case has a profile of settlement. There are areas where the sides can compromise. This isn't the NBA, or worse, the NHL in 2005.

Here's a CBS report reminding everyone of the fragility of these negotiations.

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