Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Drudge Report Features Horton Hit

Drudge Report is a massively popular website. It's generally considered right wing (for response to site see Huffington Post) and today received 32 million hits. It's more popular than Yahoo! for news receiving over 800 million hits over the past 30 days.

Today, Drudge (drudgereport.com) featured a story on Rome's hit on Horton that left the Bruins' forward on the ice unconscious. The site also has a link to the video of the incident.

You can imagine that parents that are considering putting their kids into hockey, or more generally, looking to engage in the sport, might seriously think twice after seeing this story.

The headshot list continues to grow (Matt Cooke on Marc Savard, Mike Richards on David Booth, Matt Cooke on Ryan McDonagh, Zdeno Chara on Max Pacioretty, Patric Hornqvist on Tyler Seguin, etc.). The cumulative effect of seeing these hits on television is not great for a league looking to increase its market share. Of course, I'm not saying anything most don't know.

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