Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sponsor Looks To Trim Barber

Former Giants running back and NBC television analyst Tiki Barber is being sued by Tricera Revolution, Inc., which alleges that when Barber signed on as its sponsor, he wasn’t happily married and he knew it.

A manufacturer of indoor cycling studios, Tricera is alleging in a lawsuit filed in New York that it agreed to have Barber as its sponsor because he and his wife were happily married. They were a good fit for the company as Barber and his wife Ginny were known to enjoy indoor cycling classes.

Tricera provided the couple with stock and now wants it all back after the company learned that Barber was in fact engaged in a long term adulterous affair with a 23 year old NBC intern and intended to divorce his wife – pregnant with twins at the time.

Following winning the Super Bowl, Barber retired citing the toll that the physical nature of football took on his body. He also spoke of his keen interest in pursuing a broadcasting career. In 2006, ABC, FOX, NFL, and NBC all tried to sign Barber, with NBC securing Barber’s services.

Once a possible replacement for Matt Lauer of The Today Show, the New York Post reported that NBC had recently dropped Barber as The Today Show contributor. He was then quietly let go in May 2010 by NBC after his contract was not renewed.

Barber's alleged affair has put a damper on a once promising career in broadcasting.


Anonymous said...

James - headline should read Tiki gets torched.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is horrible. How do you abandon pregnant wife with twins?

Catchy title