Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sarah & Kate Plus 8

News is that Kate Gosselin and her kids will be going to visit Sarah Palin in Alaska.

Rumoured itinerary for the big trip:

1) Walk to Russia and do some sightseeing

2) Read Palin’s favourite newspapers (full day activity)

3) Tea party

4) Play card game Bridge to Nowhere

5) Piggyback rides on Uncle Joe the Plumber

6) Take apart and reassemble a snow machine

7) Lecture on abstinence

8) Go on $150,000 shopping spree

9) Pin the tail on the Maverick

1 comment:

Daniel Gilbeau said...

LOL was it a slow day on Saturday Eric? What is this doing on a sports blog? Were you suppose to post this on your gossip weekly post and forgot you were on the sports one?
I mean just because the Olympics considers playing a card game of Bridge a sport, does not officially make it one.
Piggyback rides on Uncle Joe the Plumber? Well, maybe if Sarah was piggiback riding too on someone and it was a race, then maybe this would fall under sports...maybe!
No hunting on this list?