Thursday, July 8, 2010

Man Claims to be LeBron's Father

According to a report on, a D.C. lawyer says he is the father of LeBron James, and he has filed suit in federal court alleging a scheme to cover up paternity.

In a complaint filed June 23, Leicester Bryce Stovell says he has been trying to determine paternity since 2007. He alleges that that the test results were falsified by LeBron, his mother and lawyer.

Stovell has alleged that he met LeBron’s mom, Gloria James, at a Washington bar in 1984. They had ‘relations’ once; a month later she let him know she was pregnant with a boy she planned to name LeBron, seemingly after “Leicester Bryce”. Stovell is asking for millions in damages according to the court papers.

All this before LeBron announces his team of choice. This should be an interesting story as it unfolds. The full story may be found here.

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Daniel Gilbeau said...

There is only one way to solve this mystery and that is to have everyone involved go on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich and have them do the DNA test!
Seriously? This is too funny. This guy did not want to step up to the plate back in 1984 as he tells the story when Lebron's mom said she was pregnant and he is the dad. Now, that the kid is worth millions, he wants his piece of the pie that he thinks he is owed.
This guy will have to chase after Lebron in Miami as King James has agreed to sign with the Miami Heat!