Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kovalchuk Contract: Listen To On Air Legal Analysis on Team 1200

This morning I was on the Team 1200 show TGOR with JR, Steve and Jim analysing the NHL's rejection of the Kovalchuk contract. To listen to the clip, please click the link below. The NHL's press release is below the video. If you have any questions, please post them and I will answer them.

To help me explain to my girlfriend why reading the CBA in bed at 12:30 is actually pretty hot, please email me with advice.

NHL Press Release
"The contract has been rejected by the League as a circumvention of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. "
"Under the CBA, the contract rejection triggers a number of possible next steps that may be elected by any or each of the NHLPA, the Player and/or the Club. In the interim, the player is not entitled to play under the contract, nor is he entitled to any of the rights and benefits that are provided for thereunder. The League will have no further comment on this matter pending further developments."

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Anonymous said...

Seems like one way to deal with the problem is to actual have some clear rules rather than a vague provision in the CBA. One way might be to re-define how the cap hit is calculated where there is a wide salary range over time so that it is at least a certain percentage of the highest year.