Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Radio Clip: Jason Bailey Lawsuit

Click on the link below to listen to my on-air radio discussion with the Team 1200's Steve Lloyd and Jason York from the Healthy Scratches. We cover Jason Bailey's lawsuit against the Anaheim Ducks, its minor league affiliate and two coaches. Bailey has alleged that he was the victim of anti-semitism. This case has generated a lot of interest quickly. Perhaps it's because we haven't really seen anything like it. I suspect that even if the case settles, it will remain part of the conversation for some time. 

I cover the case in some detail below. Once I get a copy of the Complaint, I will provide more specifics.

Here's the link to the radio clip:


Daniel Gilbeau said...

Great job on this subject Eric! Not only was it a really good radio clip with the exception of the reference of occular trauma, you also got some newspaper exposure in the Ottawa Sun yesterday. Thanks for the information and insight.

Ashlee Froese said...

I agree with Dan's comments! Congratulations on your coverage of this issue!

When you talk about this matter perhaps being a catalyst to examine the hockey culture, do you think that the exmination will go beyond anti-semitism (i.e. tolerance re: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation)? This case definitely made me think of the article you previously posted re: Burke...