Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NFL Complains of Little Progress

The NFL briefed its owners on the status of the contentious labor negotiations on Wednesday advising there has been little if no progress made in reaching a deal by the March 4 expiration of the CBA.

Last week, the NFLPA said the NFL was turning down possible meeting dates.

NFL Exec VP & General Counsel Jeff Pash replied by saying he was easy to contact.

“There is not a lot to be gained by pointing fingers, that is certainly not consistent with my understanding. "I am not very hard to reach. I am like a high school kid, I am always ready for a date.”

The NFL has two more owners' meetings scheduled before the CBA expiration (February 15 and March 1).

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talked once again about the need for communication.

"There is not enough communication. ... This is not going to get resolved through litigation. It will get resolved through negotiation".

If Pash is looking for a date, he may want to hurry things up a bit or be faced with speed dating (and no one likes speed dating).

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