Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sedin Questions Chara's hit and his Veracity

Henrik Sedin on Chara:

What are you going to do the next time Trevor Gillies comes down and runs a guy into the thing? You can’t give him anything,” Sedin said. “And you tell the guys [Chara] has no history, so the next time he does it he still has no history because he didn’t get suspended. I don’t see the reasoning behind it. Give him at least something to show that’s not acceptable.

“I’ll tell you this: If you say that you don’t know where things are around the ice, I think you’re not telling the truth,” Sedin continued. “You play the game for 20 years, you know it’s there. It’s got to the point, you have to suspend guys if you hit the head. You have to do it even if guys say they didn’t mean to do it or it’s an accident. You have to start somewhere.”

SI also provides comments:

Would it be out of character? Not according to one guy who covered Chara in Ottawa, Le Droit’s Sylvain St-Laurent, who on the blog “La Chambre Rouge” writes that after he saw that little shove in January, “I was convinced that Chara would eventually take revenge. I rubbed shoulders with the giant defender on a daily basis for four years. I always thought he was one of the most selfish and individualistic stars in the NHL.” According to St-Laurent, Chara is someone who “does not forget easily.”

Then there’s the argument that had Chara made that same play anywhere else on the ice, it would have been a simple interference penalty. Instead, it was an unfortunate accident of geography that Pacioretty and Chara were headed for the turnbuckle. Certainly there are times when things do happen accidentally on the ice, but watching how Chara used his arm to drive Pacioretty’s head into the padded upright makes it hard to believe he didn’t know what he was doing and where he was on the ice.**

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