Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NFL & NFLPA At Mediation Today & Tomorrow; CBA Expires Thursday

The NFL and NFLPA are at mediation today and again tomorrow. The CBA is set to expire on March 3. ESPN has reported that the NFLPA plans to decertify before March 4. By decertifying, the Union would basically blow itself up, and the players could then sue for anti-trust (or competition) violations. For a primer on decertification (in English I promise), click here.

The big issues are revenue split (NFL wants to take $1 billion off the top in addition to the $1 billion they already take before sharing what's left), the length of the season and rookie salary wages. There are some other issues, but these are the key ones. If the first, namely revenue split, can be worked out, everything else will fall into place.

Yes - the bottom line is the bottom line.

While the CBA expires this week, and while the Union may decertify before expiration, that doesn't mean full on Armageddon. The Union would decertify now because it would have to wait 6 months after the expiration of the CBA. So it decertifies now to preserve its position. However, the parties could still work on figuring this out.

As I've said before, this could drag into the summer or later. The hope is that there will be settlement in time for next season so everyone can make the mistake of picking Chris Johnson first overall in their fantasy drafts.

There is a divide here on revenue. However, it can be bridged. It just won't be by this Friday.

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