Thursday, March 31, 2011

Radio Clip: AJ and I Talk About Everything (It Seems)

AJ and I were so happy to be talking to each other that we didn't really stop talking. Was also great to see the big time producer Matt back in his chair where he belongs. He's clearly the show.

Here's what we covered:

1) My trip to Cuba and my unrelenting tan.

2) AJ (color man) forgetting his glasses for a big hockey game.

3) The raw emotion of the Millionaire Matchmaker.

4) The raw emotion of the Millionaire Matchmaker marathon.

5) How I really like the Millionaire Matchmaker and how that makes me weird.

6) Scott Gomez and his being a Neutral Zone Specialist that is being paid $1.14 million per goal.

7) NFL Labor

8) Barry Bonds

9) MLB and its success exploiting different revenue streams

10) Cleveland Brown fan suing the NFL

11) NBA Lockout

Here are the clips:

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