Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Jets News

A potential move by the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg begs the question: can Winnipeg really support 2 NHL teams?

All kidding aside, today Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz said that he did not think the Coyotes would move to Winnipeg:
"Do I believe the Coyotes are coming to Winnipeg? The answer would be no. I believe the Coyotes are staying in Phoenix. I think we should start looking at some of the other potential franchises."
As discussed on this blog before, the NHL will continue to do all it can to keep the team in Phoenix, the 12th largest TV market in the U.S. Agreed - they don't draw and the Canadian teams generate more revenue than most U.S. teams. Nevertheless, that's what the NHL is looking to do.

So I will say it again - don't count your Jets before they're hatched.

TSN also reported today that if the Phoenix deal falls through, the Thrashers could move to Winnipeg.

As reported by Offside in February, the Thrashers are in urgent need of financing.

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