Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NFL & Players Do Battle: Reports from the Court Room

The USA Today reports on the arguments made by both sides complete with some direct quotes. As well, disagreeing with the NFL, Judge Nelson stated that her Court does indeed have the authority to rule whether a delay will cause the players irreparable harm. Translated, this means that she believes that she can grant the injunction (which is what the players want). Click here for USA Today report.

Boston Globe reporter Greg Bedard tweeted that Judge Nelson on the issue of irreparable harm said the players "appears players have strong case". Again that means that she may be leaning toward granting the injunction.

From the outset, this was an uphill battle for the NFL. Always tough to know how a Court will rule. If I'm a betting man, I say the players get their injunction. The NFL has to do a bit more reaching here to get their desired result.

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