Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CBS Article: NHL Season on the Brink This Week?

Some are saying the NHL season could be cancelled this week. I address this claim in a column for CBSSports.com's Eye On Hockey.

Here's an excerpt:
Writing for the New York Daily News, Pat Leonard declared today that the “NHL and its players’ union will decide this week whether to play or cancel the 2012-13 season.”
He added this: “This is not to say Friday is the deadline for a completed collective bargaining agreement; just that failure to make significant progress towards a deal by then would shut down negotiations again, probably this time for good.”
This is pretty unequivocal language. 
Is this a make or break week for the NHL? Will the season be cancelled in the coming days if the sides don’t make a deal? Is the season indeed on the brink?

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