Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bounty Gate: Now A Legal Matter

The NFL Network has decided not to re-air the NFC Championship game between the Saints and Vikings. Initially, the game was going to re-air on its network. This is not a surprise.

Following up on my summary from yesterday (below) on the key legal points, the Saints case is no longer a football matter - it is a legal matter.

It may have started as a football matter. However, it quickly morphed into a legal matter once it was revealed that the Saints did indeed intentionally seek to harm opposing players. The NFL has to deal with the 32 plus concussion lawsuits, the threat of civil lawsuits filed by targeted players, possible class action lawsuits and possible criminal charges.

All that makes it necessary that the NFL proceed in a way that not only addresses the bounty program from an optics standpoint, but that it seek, as best it can, to insulate itself and its teams from liability.

This is where the lawyers step in.

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