Thursday, October 27, 2011

Habs Win May Have Saved Jobs

After a dreadful start to the season, Montreal Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier fired Habs assistant coach Perry Pearn. That's kinda like me firing my secretary after I lose a court case.

It's a good thing the Canadiens beat the Flyers last night. Rumour is the win may have saved the jobs of any of the following people:

1) Parking attendant

2) Janitor

3) Popcorn girl

4) Cashier in Section 307A

5) The Zamboni driver

6) The assistant to the Zamboni driver

7) Hair and makeup person

8) Jean Beliveau

9) A pedestrian walking by the Bell Centre

10) Mitsou


Woody said...

You fired your secretary?

How dare you!

Jon Heshka said...

Not Mitsou!