Friday, July 8, 2011

Josh Hamilton

Sean Gregory for Time wrote an article entitled, "Rangers Fan Tragedy: More Sadness For Josh Hamilton".

Here's an excerpt:
You feel for so many people here. First and foremost, you feel for the Stone family. A father was trying to catch a ball for his kid, like so many dads before him, and paid an unfathomable price. You feel for the kid who lost his dad. You feel for the witnesses — who knows how many times that scene will unfold, unprompted, in their minds?

And you've got to feel for Hamilton. After the game, Rangers president Nolan Ryan said Hamilton was "very distraught" over the accident. Hamilton has overcome so many challenges, and the one facing him now will be no less difficult. Hamilton is not responsible for Stone's death, but sadly, he played a hand in it. What if Hamilton threw the ball just a little further into the crowd? What if he just tossed that particular ball aside? You can't help but ask these painful "what ifs," and Hamilton is likely asking these questions of himself. It's unfair for any man to bear that burden.
Read the full article here.

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