Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clemens Didn't Have To Testify in the First Place

Looks like the jury is set and opening arguments will begin tomorrow in the trial of Roger Clemens. The underlying allegation against Clemens is that he lied to Congress about doing performance enhancing drugs and steroids. His former trainer Brian McNamee says he injected Clemens with PEDs and steroids over 3 years between 1998 and 2001.

Here's the thing about this whole mess Clemens got himself into: it's self-inflicted.

Clemens was never forced to testify before Congress. He wanted to testify. He was never subpoenaed. Clemens wasn't happy when the 2007 Mitchell Report came out, which was a report summarizing an investigation into the use of PEDs and steroids by MLB players. The report mentioned Clemens 82 times, only third to Canseco (105 times) and Bonds (103).

So he thought he would go to Congress and proclaim his innocence. Problem is that he denied to Congress what others have insisted is true - Clemens used banned substances.

So rather than clear his name, he is now on trial for lying about taking PEDs and steroids.

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