Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick Hits - Around The Web In 80 Seconds

Fast Break: The NBA will start the 2010-11 season with more than $100 million in new full-season-ticket revenue, a record amount for the league. NBA teams have sold more than 50,000 season tickets, a jump of 40% over this time last year. Last year, 8 teams sold 10,000 packages, and so far this year, 10 teams have sold more than 10,000 plans.

Yes – the Miami Heat and LeBron are among the five teams with the highest number of sales. Others are the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder and Orlando Magic.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said that even though the NBA is seeing a boost in season-ticket revenue, it's losing money. Last season, the league said it lost $370 million. The CBA expires at the end of this season.

Nickle Defense: In case of a work stoppage, the NFL has advised employees of a plan that could result in pay cuts for employees. The plan includes several phases that would cut the league's expenses in the event of a work stoppage after the current CBA expires at the end of this season. The plan starts with pay cuts for commissioner Roger Goodell and his senior vice presidents. If a work stoppage persists, within a few months most employees would be sent on two-week unpaid furloughs. A third phase would include more pay cuts and salary freezes.

What’s On Tap – NFL Draft: The NFL says it will move ahead with the NFL draft in April 2011 even if the players are locked out in March. The NFLPA could challenge the draft arguing that a lockout means that business must stop operating – and that also means holding the draft. The NFL is saying that the draft is part of the current CBA and it will happen.

The PGA Tour is opening its first stand-alone store in Beijing.

Hockey great Igor Larionov is partnering with agent Ian Pulver. Pulver used to work with Bob Goodenow and his clients include the kids of former NHL players, including Justin Courtnall, Brock Beukeboom and Max Iafrate.

Procter & Gamble’s Gillette brand and The Kraft Group announced a 15-year extension of their partnership that includes Gillette Stadium naming rights through the 2031 NFL season.

Subway has signed a 1 year sponsorship deal as the official training partner of the ING New York City Marathon.

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