Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CBA Negotiations: NFL, NFLPA Release Joint Statement

Today, the NFL and the NFL Players Union released the following joint statement regarding their recent meeting: 
"Today's bargaining session focused on several matters, including the proposed 18-2 season format, a rookie wage scale, and improvements for retired players. Both sides look forward to continuing these discussions and reaching a new collective bargaining agreement."
The big issues the NFL is looking to sort out include adjusting the current revenue sharing model (about 60-40 in favour of players), capping rookie salaries and being able to reclaim bonus money when a contract is subsequently violated. Other issues for the NFL include HGH testing, expanding the NFL season to 18 games (and losing 2 exhibition games) and looking at a rollback on salaries.

The NFLPA has indicated it wants to see hard evidence that the revenue sharing model needs to be adjusted and it will also fight for benefits for retired players.

HGH testing requires that a blood sample be taken from a player, and for that reason unions generally have not agreed to the testing. For example, MLB has imposed HGH testing on its non-unionized minor league players, but until there is a less invasive testing method, it doesn't expect the Players Union to agree to it.

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