Friday, September 14, 2012

CNBC Hit On NHL Lockout

I joined Brian Sullivan from CNBC's Sportsbiz show, which airs on NBC Sports Network. We chatted about the key issues at play in the NHL labor dispute.

Agreed - the camera mysteriously makes me look like Philip Michael Thomas (carrying on business as Tubbs).

To watch it, click here.

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Anonymous said...

OK, owners and players are arguing about cash. What about the fans? What are these owners and players talking about when it comes to where an important part of their income comes from -- ticket sales? The Stanley Cup finalist New Jersey Devils is a case in point: even it's having financial problems. Hockey's a great game -- but can you afford the tickets? Owners think they can charge NFL prices for a season that's many times longer. Owners and players want more. But what if fans cannot afford more? What then? Empty seats? More NHL teams with Devils-like solvency issues? Is that even being discussed by owners and players, or do they seem to think the well of cash they can dip into is limitless? The wealth disparity in America is growing -- but average fan ability to afford NHL tickets is shrinking. People cannot afford big ticket ticket prices for hockey -- so where are the players and the owners going to get all the cash they're each haggling over? Do fans even matter in this debate? Are the players and the owners forgetting the fans and their ability to pay for tickets for them and their families?