Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NHL Playoff Teams: Lots of Wildcards

Effectively, with divisional seating, NHL playoff picture in each conference is comprised of 3 division leaders and 5 wildcards.

That's a lot of wildcards.

Someone get a wrench - this needs fixings.

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Jay said...

Hey, as an Oilers fan, there's been tons of debate when TSN's Bob Macenzie suggested that he might sign with the Oilers (others have suggested the Canucks or Toronto)--provided that he doesn't complete his deal with Anaheim.

I've glanced over the current NHL CBA and it seems like a complicated case. I can't see a scenario whereby a player who's been previously drafted once can become a UFA without being undrafted in another year (such as 2012).

What are your thoughts on when Justin Shultz could potentially become a UFA (if he doesn't sign with Anaheim). Also is he draft eligible for the 2012 draft if same?