Friday, February 10, 2012

Iowa Woman Sells Phantom SUPER BOWL Tickets

At least $500,000 worth of tickets to the Super Bowl and other premier sporting events were not delivered by Iowa woman Ranae Van Roekel, who is now under investigation for selling phantom tickets more than a year before the events.

One man bought $100,000 worth of Super Bowl tickets from Van Roekel. That complaint came in after another person spent $180,000 on tickets for the Super Bowl and other events.

The investigation began last week when a former Iowan living in Florida complained that Super Bowl tickets he allegedly bought from Van Roekel never arrived. As many as 50 people in Montana reported not receiving tickets sold to them by Van Roekel.

Super Bowl tickets are controlled by the NFL. Of the tickets to the big game game, 17.5% went to the Giants, 17.5% to the Patriots, 5% to the Colts, and 1.2% each of the 29 remaining NFL teams.

The NFL sells the rest to the media, business partners and the NFLPA. Only about 500 tickets are sold to the general public by the NFL through a lottery.

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