Friday, January 13, 2012

Pierre Gauthier, Ralph Nader and Michael Cammalleri

Kinda nuts how Pierre Gauthier and Ralph Nader look alike. See for yourself:

I can't see the difference - can you see the difference (cue Whisk commercial).

Nader aside, I really hope Gauthier has a plan after having disposed of Cammalleri. Yes - the move makes cap sense and the Habs get someone that can score in the dirty areas. Most of the Habs goal scorers are perimeter players and spend more time on the outside than Ron Paul.

However, Gauthier hasn't exactly excelled this season or at the very least inspired confidence. First he fired assistant coach Perry Pearne after he was unable to pin his team's loses on the popcorn girl. That didn't work out so well. After that, he fired head coach Jacques Martin. That hasn't worked out so well either. Oh yes - he signed Andrei Markov to a 3 year deal at $5.75 a year. A very talented D Man, sadly Markov has had more surgeries than Joan Rivers. Most recently he went in for a tummy tuck and brow lift and will be out indefinitely.

In a salary cap world, it can be very tough to retool. Great players are generally not made available and teams need to be shrewd and build through the draft. So that makes it imperative that management makes smart moves and doesn't waste cap space or players and/or assets.

Sometimes I just get the feeling that Gauthier has been reactionary and desperate at times this season, and doesn't have a long-term plan. Maybe I'm wrong - and if I am I would like him to let us know what the plan is over the next few seasons.

Two more things:

1) Pulling Cammalleri midway through the game makes it kinda feel personal doesn't it.

2) Gauthier likes to refer to everyone and everything as "Mr." - Mr. Cammmalleri, Mr. Bourque, Mr. Gionta, Mr. Chair, Mr. Pants, Mr. Wife, Mr. Car, Mr. Ice Cream. It's endearing - really. Maybe, though, Mr. Gauthier may want to tweak his Mr. Approach.

I really hope Habs aren't turning into hockey's version of the Corvair.

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