Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Habs Playing Senators Tonight - A Time To Reflect On Perry Pearn

Quite clearly, the firing of Perry Pearn was justified. Since he was fired, no other member of the Canadiens coaching staff has been let go. As well, the team hasn't lost since he was dismissed. So yes - it made perfect sense.

Frankly, I blame Perry Pearn for all the ills of society. Here are some things that are Pearn's fault (#duh):

1) World hunger
2) Poverty
3) War
4) Language Issues
5) Ryan Reynold's marriage to Scarlett Johansson not working out
6) Charlie Sheen
7) Conan O'Brien being ousted from NBC
8) World War II
9) Destiny's Child not staying together
10) Scotty McCreery caught lip-synching 
11) Sinead O’Connor's 16 day marriage
12) The Italian Economy

Pearn makes me so mad. I wish the Habs could fire him again.

So deserved. Damn you Perry. Damn you.


Jon Heshka said...

Excellent commentary. However, you neglected to mention Pearn also being responsible for cancer, gravity, and male pattern baldness.

Eric Macramalla said...

Love it