Friday, November 18, 2011

Second Mile: Perils of Brand Recognition and Collateral Damage

During its 30 year history, "a Philadelphia non-profit thrift shop has helped hundreds of ex-cons get back on their feet without a glitch. But then, the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal hit" and the business is now in trouble. 

Why? The name of the shop is The Second Mile Center. This according to NBC Philadelphia.

Sales have dropped 30% as the public has mistakenly connected the thrift store with Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation.

The store has gone so far as to put up signs in the store front letting people they are not connected to Sandusky or his foundation.

“Just letting people know because we’ve had a lot of negative response,” said Ron Lucas with the Second Mile Center. “People have been coming in angry and hostile thinking that we are part of that organization, which we are not.”

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