Saturday, May 7, 2011

NFL Update

The Appeals Court did not rule this week whether it would convert the temporary stay (which resulted in the lockout being restored) into a longer stay pending the Appeals Court review of the bigger issue - is the lockout legal.

This was a bit of a surprise and we may have a decision this week. Bear in mind that the hearing on the legality of the lockout is slated for June 3. So ultimately the lockout may stay in place until the case is decided. However, this is merely speculation.

If so, the NFL will have regained leverage and momentum.

Things continue to be interesting.

By the way, there is talk that a law firm is trying to recruit mid-level players to intervene in the lockout (i.e., get a seat at the table). This almost happened a couple of weeks ago, but the law firm that recruited the players had to back out because of a conflict.

Don't forget that half of the 1900 NFL players make $500,000 or less, and on average only play for 3.5 years. So for them, time is of the essence.

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