Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Player Interferes On Sidelines

Carolina defensive end Tyler Brayton was fined $15,000 by the NFL for hitting Atlanta's Chris Owens out of bounds in last week's game. This hit was quite blatant, with Brayton going out of his way to hit Owens.

From a legal standpoint, players (and coaches) hitting players in this way open themselves up to being sued for battery if the targeted player gets seriously hurt.
Here's the video:


Bakes said...

This is becoming ridiculous. One question Eric, how come the $50,0000 fine given to the Jets coach didn't set a precident for the size of fine? I'm surprised Brayton wasn't fined a similar amount if not more considering the Jets incident took place before the Brayton incident and therefore Brayton should have been aware that this behaviour was against league policy. Seems odd to me.

Eric Macramalla said...

Agreed. NFL should be consistent. They may have distinguished the cases but cheap is cheap.