Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sports Fans Coaltion Fighting For Rights of Fans

There's a new advocate in town: Sports Fans Coalition. It's a non-profit interest group formed to organize sports fans and represent their interests. 

The Board is comprised of representatives from sports, politics, journalism, consumer advocacy, technology, business, and law. Board members include President Clinton's Deputy Staff Secretary David Goodfriend and President George W. Bush's as Deputy Assistant Brad Blakeman.

They have spoken out against issues like television blackouts, particularly in tax funded stadiums, and the high cost of going to games.

The most recent posting relates to a group called Stop Charger Blackouts, which is actively trying to raise money to buy up remaining tickets so that home games will be available on television.

(If an NFL game is not sold out 72 hours prior to kickoff, league rules mandate that the game be blacked out in the local market. Last season, the NFL blacked out 22 games, which represented a 144% increase over the previous year. This is a long standing policy and one Goodell has indicated will not be changed (read more on NFL blackouts here).

Check out this interesting website. It's located at http://sportsfanscoalition.org/

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